Bulk Coasters – Digitally Printed Wooden Coaster Printing Services.

Wooden coasters, placemats and glass chopping boards


Meshtex Printing Services have a fantastic reputation for producing high quality digitally printed products, but some customers are not aware that we produce bulk coasters. 

As well as printing onto fabrics, and producing finished printed fabric products such as tea towels, cushions, aprons, oven gloves and much more – we also produce finished wooden products, including high quality digitally printed wooden coasters, and placemats. 

Bulk Coasters. Digitally Printed High Quality Wooden Coasters.In fact, it doesn’t end with wood. We also print onto high-quality glass coasters, and glass chopping boards, and various other products made from metal, ceramic, glass, plastic and wood, in addition to our digitally printed fabric products. 

We offer very competitive pricing for bulk coaster printing. As always, the higher the quantity, the lower the price – however the quality of our digitally printed wooden coasters are second to none, so if you are seeking the lowest cost, please ensure you are quoting like for like. 

We digitally print our bulk coaster orders using the dye sublimation print process, which ensures that the quality of the print is incredibly good, truly photographic quality, we receive a lot of compliments about this particular product – these printed wooden coasters really do look good.

This is due to a combination of the brilliant dye sublimation print process, the amazing print quality of our state of the art wide format dye sublimation printer along with the highest quality dye sublimation inks, and the quality of the blank coasters that we use, which are available both as square coasters with rounded corners, and round coasters. 

These are what we believe to be the very highest quality wooden coasters on the market.

They’re made in the USA from a specialist patented board made specifically for this process. We could buy in a much lower cost blank product, however we don’t believe that would be a wise decision, as the high quality of this product vs the competitive pricing we’re able to offer, provides our customers with a fantastic quality product at a price which ensures a healthy profit margin.

Wooden coasters printed in bulk.

We can be truly competitive when producing bulk coasters as we have invested in wide format dye sublimation printing equipment and also large flat presses, which gives us the capability to produce large quantities of coasters at a time, reducing the labour time and costs, which we can then pass on to you, the customer.

Many of our bulk orders for coaters are placed by corporate customers who may use the coasters in an advertising campaign or shops who wish to order in bulk and then sell on for a profit.

However, we have had orders by customers who just want individual coasters to show of their creative skills or match their home décor. We recently had an order for a customer who wanted coaters to match her wallpaper and we also produced coordinating placemats to complete the look in her dining room. This customer was extremely pleased with the results.

We have also received orders for our digitally printed coaters for birthday parties, customers often request images of themselves at different stages in their lives often very embarrassing images, but when placed in the party venue they are a great talking point for many of the guests.

Basically, we can produce bulk coasters for any event from corporate to retail customers and even for special events.

We don’t even need to print the same image on each coaster, tell us how many coaters you would like and how many separate images you would like to be printed on each and we will offer a very competitive quote.

We also offer a range of glass coasters and chopping boards which when printed look absolutely stunning, so whatever your personalise printing requirements are, please give us the opportunity to quote.

wooden coasters, placemats and glass chopping boards

If you don’t want to order by bulk, we can still help you out, our sister company photoimageart.co.uk can offer just one of each product if required, just choose your product upload the image, checkout and pay and the finished product will be posted out to you.

For a price list, and/or further information, please simply email us, use the quotation form, or give us a call on 01625 876949.