Printing Super Soft Vegan Suede Cushion Covers

Super soft vegan suede faux suede cushions.


We’ve been asked quite regularly by customers if we can offer our fabric printing services onto vegan suede, so we began print trials a with various microfibre polyester fabrics. 

We can print onto other suedette type fabrics such as Alcantara & Ultrasuede type microfiber fabrics, but for this particular fabric for cushions, we were wanting to find something slightly different, with a deeper softer nap. 

Digitally printed vegan suede cushions.
Vegan suede cushions that we recently tested as samples for a customer.

We started off printing with the standard lighter weight fabrics that are commonly used for vegan suede or suedette, particularly for cushions. While we found some of this fabric looked and felt OK, and printed just OK, we weren’t overwhelmed by it, so we continued investigating. 

What we discovered, is a fantastic quality heavier weight fabric, which has a velvet nap and a similar look to other faux suede fabrics, but which is heavier in weight, has more luxurious feel, and prints magnificently!

Needless to say, we grabbed this fabric and chose it as our main choice for vegan suede cushions. 

What actually is Vegan Suede?

True suede is made from the inside surface of animal skin, including lamb, deer, cow, goat and pig. 

Faux suede materials are fabrics which give a similar look and feel to suede, but without the use of animal products. 

Really, being completely honest about it, “Vegan Suede” is buzzword which is currently in vogue, but it’s a product that has been around for years.

Super soft vegan suede faux suede cushions.
Lovely design isn’t it? We can’t take the credit, one of our clients – an artist & designer, produced these designs, and gave us permission to publish the photos of their sample vegan suede cushions.

This kind of fabric is vegan, of course, given that it’s made from manmade fibres, no animals involved – but it’s only quite recently that businesses have begun to take advantage of this trend for vegan products. 

Digitally printing super soft vegan suede faux suede.
You’ll be literally buzzing when you see the quality of these vegan suede cushions for yourselves, and you won’t be stung by the prices either. That’s it, we’re all out of puns.

It makes sense to harness this trend, though, and market products as “Vegan Suede” rather than simply as “Faux Suede” or “Seudette”, since these terms aren’t currently in fashion. 

The material is actually polyester, and although some people hear the word polyester and think of cheap quality materials, this is actually a very outdated perspective, as some of the best looking, best feeling and best performing fabric products are now made with polyester. 

Synthetic fabrics have come a long way over the past ten years or so, and with some of these fabrics, even fabric experts can struggle to tell the difference between the synthetic fabric and its natural equivalent.

Close up of Digitally Printed Vegan Suede Fabric.
Hopefully this gives you a better idea of just how great this fabric looks, although you can’t really tell just how brilliant it looks until you see it in the flesh.

Some of the polyester fabrics we’re able to print onto in addition to Vegan Suede, includes “Vegas” which is a 300gsm fabric popular for gaming tables, hence the name.

Poly silks including Satin and Georgette, which are so convincing that it’s rare a customer will be able to tell the difference if we hand them a piece of pure silk and the faux silk version. 

Polyester canvas, poly chenille, shimmer velvet, crushed velvet, dimout silver, and glitter.

If you’re interested in having digitally printed vegan suede produced, or in having us print and make up vegan suede cushions, or other products from this fabric or other fabrics (including cottons, linens and polyesters) just email us for a price list, or give us a call on 01625 876949.

Vegan suede cushion cover printing.