Stunning Digitally Printed Glass Chopping / Cutting Boards

Bulk printed glass chopping boards.


Our glass chopping boards, otherwise referred to as glass cutting boards or glass worktop savers, have become a very popular product over the past couple of years. 

Digitally printed glass cutting boards are popular as personalised gifts via our retail website, photoimageart, and we’re also regularly asked to produce bulk glass chopping boards for designers, photographers, artists and brands. 

By the way, when we say “bulk”, we don’t mean in the hundreds or thousands.

glass chopping boards / cutting boards.

We work with a lot of individual designers and artists, photographers and small emerging brands, so we deal with orders from just a handful and above.

We’ve learned over the years that the smallest brand new businesses can easily become great customers over the years as their businesses grow, so we’re more than happy to take on what you might see as a very small order.  

We began mainly printing one or two chopping boards at a time as they were ordered through our retail site, but when we discovered just how stunning our customer’s designs looked when printed onto these glass cutting boards, we began offering them to our trade customers also – and some of our designer customers have really taken this product to a different level.

They are still popular on photoimage art as a personalised gift, but as these chopping boards are becoming more and more popular among designers and photographers, we are starting to see an increase in bulk orders.

We’ve recently seen a huge increase in the number of designers who’re using these glass cutting boards, and glass coasters, as an additional way to profit from their fantastic designs. 

For example, we recently produced 50 glass chopping boards for a local designer, each with individual design images and the results were stunning. We had produced other finished products carrying this designers art work, which looked great too, such as wooden placemats and coasters, and cotton tea towels – but the designs seemed to really come to live with this particular product. 

So why are digitally printed chopping boards becoming so popular all of a sudden?

Well printing on glass has really advanced over the past few years and customers are usually amazed with the clarity and vibrancy of these printed glass chopping boards.

Digitally printing onto glass has always been quite a difficult thing to do, in terms of producing a print which is vibrant. This is because glass is transparent, or course, meaning that even more bold designs can end up looking quite washed out. 

Also, it’s difficult to achieve a permanent print onto glass, which isn’t easily rubbed off or scratched off.

These glass boards, however, are engineered in such a way, that we digitally print them from the other side of the cutting board, via a special hardened white coating, so it ends up looking just as bright as if it were printed on bright white paper, although even more so due to the way the textured surface of the glass reacts with the colours in the design. 

How do we print on glass chopping boards?

We use a brilliant print process called dye sublimation printing, which uses the same scientific process called sublimation, which is used to freeze dry instant coffee, and to make theatrical mist/smoke using dry ice. 

The underside of the glass chopping board has a white coating, as I mentioned earlier, which is white and smooth – and this surface contains polymer molecules. We digitally print the customer’s image or design onto dye sublimation paper, which is a paper made to simply hold the image to then be released during pressing. 

Showing both sides of the glass chopping boards.
The photo on the left, is of the underside of the glass chopping board, while the image on the right is taken of the top surface.

We then place the glass cutting board on one of our flat bed heat presses, with the printed sublimation paper face down onto this while polymer coating, and we heat press the chopping board. 

By the way – we don’t flip the image – as we usually would do with sublimation printing, as we are printing on the bottom of the glass and the image will be viewed from the top side, through the glass. This may sound confusing but basically, all normal dye sublimation images are flipped prior to printing as they’re printed onto the top surface of most other items such as wooden coasters, placemats, fabrics and so on – but with glass, we’re printing through the bottom to be viewed from the top, so no need to flip the image in reverse.

What happens during pressing, is the dye particles present in the sublimation paper, turn into a vapour, and then bond with the polymer molecules present in the white coating on the underside of the glass board, before turning back into a solid, now one with what was the blank white surface of the bottom of the glass cutting board.

This means that as if by magic (it’s not magic of course, it’s science) the image leaves the paper, and becomes a part of the white coating on the underside of the glass cutting board.

Dye sublimation printing isn’t a surface print process like pigment printing, it’s a dying process, the image actually becomes one with the substrate – or in this case, the white coating.

Once cooled plastic feet are attached the underside of the board so that its slightly raised when place on the kitchen surface.

This process is the same when printing our other glass products including our digitally printed glass coasters.

Glass Chopping Boards Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of glass is used for the chopping boards, is it durable, and safe?

These boards are made from tempered glass, so they’re a very durable product, and as safe as any glass kitchenware product can be.

Can the chopping boards withstand the usual heat of the kitchen?

Yes, they’re put through temperatures of approaching 200 degrees Celcius during the sublimation process, so they can withstand high temperatures of approximately 200C. 

We state that the glass worktop savers / cutting boards are heat resistant at up to 200C, simply because this is the temperature that we take them to – however, tempered glass can generally take temperatures of up to approximately 250C. 

Are these glass chopping boards dishwasher safe?

We recommend that glass chopping boards are hand washed only, rather than dishwashing, simply to preserve the digitally printed image for as long as possible. Hot dishwasher cycles and aggressive detergents can, in theory, deteriorate the white coating on the underside of the glass over time, and therefore over time also cause a deterioration of the print, so hand washing is best.

How long will a glass chopping board last?

Tempered glass can’t be cut with a knife, and as the customers image or artwork is digitally printed on to the back of the chopping board, the image can’t be cut or scratched either, when using them for cutting. Also, due to the high temperature tolerance of the tempered glass board, the chopping boards won’t be scorched when hot items are placed on them. So these glass cutting boards, and the images printed on to them, will stay intact for years, and still look just as good as the day that it was printed!

By the way, if you decide that glass chopping boards and/or glass coasters aren’t the right fit for your images or designs, we can also digitally print your designs and images onto a wide range of other personalised kitchen products including wooden coasters, wooden placemats, ceramic mugs, cotton tea towels, oven gloves, aprons, tablecloths, table runners, Aga covers, and more.

For a price list and further information simply email us, use the quotation form, or give us a call on 01625 876949.