A Busy Week of Digital Fabric Printing

Faux silk printing.

It has been a busy week with our pigment digital printer this week!

We started the week digitally printing 45cm cushion covers on 100% cotton, half panama which had been treated with a coating, so was enhanced for pigment printing.

Digitally printed poly silk or faux silk
These are some samples we have digitally printed this week onto silks and faux silks.

On these particular cushions we printed an image for the cushion front and a co-ordinating colour for the cushion back and when made up by our CMT department they will look stunning.

We then moved on to digital fabric printing on the roll and this time we were printing on customers own heavy weight linen, specially imported from Belgium.

We didn’t have much to work from on this particular order except a previously digitally printed sample of fabric, so we scanned and then colour separated the design so that we had digital files to work from.

This is one of our strengths, as we have been colour separating designs for furnishings, wallpaper and apparel since 1972.

When we digitally printed these newly separated files on to the customer’s linen the results were excellent even though this particular linen fabric had not been enhanced for pigment printing.

Believe or not some digital prints look better on fabric which hasn’t been specially prepared.

Due to the fact that this customer wanted the digitally printed fabric on the roll, as soon as it had been printed and put through our Rotary heat press to complete the fixation, the fabric was despatched by overnight courier.

Also in the week we have been printing trials on silk with our pigment machine and also trials on poly silk using our dye sublimation printing machine. So far the results are varied, but we are extremely pleased with the poly silk samples and with a little more development work we should be able to make this fabric available to the customer.

Vegan Suede Cushion Cover Printing.
Believe it or not, this isn’t a digital file, this is actually a photo taken of one of the cushion panels we digitally printed onto the new “vegan suede” or “suedette” poly suede fabric.

We also produced some 45 cm cushions an a new fabric, a poly suede (commonly referred to as “Vegan Suede” or “Suedette”) and the printed results were amazing and we are confident that these will become very popular.

To finish of the week we are back on to digitally printed tea towels, this time on a 100% cotton drill fabric, again not enhanced for pigment printing but these tea towels are a repeat order and the customer was very pleased with the first order.

So whatever your bespoke printing requirements, please give us a call on 01625 876949, or email us, and we will be happy to help.