Bespoke Digitally Printed Tea Towels.

Bespoke Digitally Printed Tea Towels.


When you first look at the two images of the bespoke digitally printed tea towels, above, you would be forgiven for thinking that they are both the same, however, when you take a close look you will notice the subtle difference.

The tea towel on the left has been digitally printed onto a fabric prepared for digital pigment printing, while the tea towel on the right has also been digitally printed, but onto a fabric which hasn’t been pre-treated prior to being digitally printed.

When you look closely you will see that on the tea towel on the left,  the colours are more vibrant and the image is sharper. The one on the right, by comparison, looks less vibrant, slightly blurred due to the fact that the fabric has not been pretreated with the pigment coating.

Plain cotton digitally printed .

The clarity of the print is highlighted on the Meshtex printed samples, the one on pretreated 60 x 60 cotton looks so much sharper when you look closely at the text and on the untreated example on the same fabric type the writing looks to have bled slightly. It is also clear that the colours are more vibrant on the sample that is treated for digital printing with Pigment inks.

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So, looking at the sample you would think that we would only ever produce tea towels on the pretreated fabric where the fabric is ready for digital pigment printing.

Well, this is not the case, as when a trade customer orders a large quantity of tea towels price is one of the main factors. Obviously top quality is important, but price is crucial in securing an order for many thousands of a particular product.

For example if a customer ordered 10,00 tea towels and the pretreated fabric added 25p pence to the price of one tea towel, then the total order value would be increased by £2,500 which is a significant difference.

What about the quality then, surely we would always produce a product to be the highest standard? Well, when you see the image printed on the untreated fabric it looks fine and perfectly acceptable, it’s only when you see the same image printed on a pre-treated fabric that you notice the difference in quality.

Many of our customers are more than happy with tea towels printed on untreated fabric as it’s perfect for the target market, a tea towel with a more vibrant image with high clarity may be overkill and totally unnecessary for this particular product.

Both Fabrics treated and untreated are put through our rotary heat press to cure so both options have great rub and colour fastness and are suitable for a 40c wash.

Printing on untreated fabric may not be the correct option for every product, we would suggest that cushions on a quality Panama, or satin should be printed on pre treated fabric to enhance the colour and image quality, but with every product that we produce, we have many different options.

If you would like some printed samples to look at the different fabric qualities for yourself just drop us a line. We are a friendly bunch here, so we are always happy to discuss your individual needs so why not give us a call on 01625 876 949, or request a quotation