Cushion Cover Printing

Cushion cover printing is one of our most popular services, and we’re regularly producing custom printed cushions for various different markets and industries.

As we print via two different digital fabric printing processes (direct to textile pigment printing, and dye sublimation) we can digitally print onto a wide range of different man-made and synthetic materials, which means we can offer an extensive range of different kinds of cushion covers.

Our cotton range of cushion covers, printed with pigment inks includes fabric such as:

  • Half Panama
  • Premium half Panama organic
  • Half Panama natural
  • Hopsack
  • Warp Satin

Our dye sublimation printed cushions  include cushion covers made from the following fabrics:

  • Poly Silk Satin
  • Super soft premium vegan suede / suedette / faux suede.
  • Soft vegan suede / suedette / faux suede. 
  • Shimmer Velvet
  • Poly canvas / canvas feel.
  • Linen look.

We offer very competitive trade prices on bulk orders for our cushion covers, which can be printed to any size of specifications that you may have and we have great price breaks, so the more you order the cheaper they become.

Our digitally printed cushions can be printed on one side or both sides, we can even print an image on one side with a coordinating solid colour on the reverse.

When it comes to options such as piping, trim, zip styles and colours – the choice is yours, you can simply tell us what you want, or source your own zips and trim etc., to send to us to use to make your cushion covers. 

The only thing we don’t supply is cushion pads, and the reason for this is simply that they’re so bulky, that it would dramatically increase the delivery cost if we were to send your cushion covers with pads inserted, as our couriers charge volumetrically. 

You will be able to source cushion inners for around the same price we would pay, and the firms who specialise in sellilng bulky items like this tend to have different agreements with their couriers, so the delivery costs won’t be as high. 

If you do need help sourcing cushion inners, just get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction. The same is true of own brand labels, swing tags & packaging, we don’t offer these but we can recommend very good suppliers.

Our lead times are also very competitive. Our usual lead-time for bulk orders of digitally printed cushion covers is 2 to 3 weeks, depending on our workload of course. If you do have a much closer deadline, get in touch, as we do have options for producing printed cushions much quicker, so we may be able to help.

We also offer bespoke cushions to companies for corporate events, we have produced cushions for many TV companies and famous brands and because the cushions are bespoke, we can match colours to your company colours or brand logo.

For such a specialized product you would think that there must be minimum order quantities, well that’s not the case. Again, because we have more than one in-house digital textile printing process, we’re able to utilise one of these print processes for individual custom cushion printing. 

When we print via direct to textile pigment printing, on the roll, for the cushion cover panels to then be cut and sewn into cushion covers, there is a minimum order with these cushions, as there’s a certain amount of fabric wasted when loading onto the printer. For instance, when we load a roll of fabric onto the printer, the first couple of metres of the fabric can’t be printed, so to print just one cushion wouldn’t be feasible.  So the minimum order for pigment printed cushion covers is 10, which is a very low minimum quantity. 

When a company comes to us requiring just one or two cushions, dye sublimation is a more suitable method to choose.

For example, we recently had an order for just two digitally printed cushions from a London TV production company who required these two cushions to be on set the next day. So we simply picked up one of our ready-made blank cushions (these are also made right here in the UK, we just have them made up in advance so we can skip the CMT queue and dye sublimate directly onto the pre-made cushion cover) printed the image via our Epson wide format dye sublimation printer, pressed the images onto the cushions, and got them straight out, same day dispatch for next day delivery. 

Dye sublimation seems to be a magical process, however it works using the same scientific processed used for freeze-drying instant coffee, and for making dry ice vapour. 

Basically, we digitally print using inkjet print heads, onto a special holding paper which just holds the digital image in place, and we then apply heat and pressure, which turns the image into a vapour, the dye particles that were in the holding paper, become a gas, and then bond with any polymer molecules present in the pre-made cushion, and then turn back into a solid. So the image goes from being a solid in the sublimation paper, to being a solid in the fibres of the cushions. Clever!

Dye sublimation printed cushions are stunning in terms of the vibrancy of the print, and the colour fastness is incredible. 

The only compromise of using this process is the fact that the cushion is ready-made, meaning we can only produce a placement print, avoiding the final few cm on each edge before the hem. 

So if you need fully printed cushions, either with a placement print which fills the entire cushion cover surface, or an all-over repeat pattern, we would need to print the panels first and then make up the cushions from the printed panels. This means we can’t use the pre-made cushions, so the lead time is longer, usually 2-3 weeks.

We also have a sister retail website, where you can upload your favorite image, perhaps a loved one, a family pet, your favourite scene or drawing the options are endless.

These one off bespoke cushions can often be produced and dispatched the very same day, again depending on our workload but we always aim to get all our personalized cushions printed and delivered within a few days.

Of course it’s not just personalized cushions that customers are looking for, we have seen a huge rise in orders for digitally printed oven gloves, bespoke Aprons, Aga covers, for the posh people out there, and as always, bespoke digitally printed tea towels are extremely popular.

Basically whatever your digital print requirements we are here to help and you can be assured of a good service and a quality product. After all we have been here since 1972 so we must be doing something right!