Digitally printed fabric by the roll.

When we first began offering digitally printed fabric on the roll for trade customers, we looked at how we can make our digital fabric printing service stand out among the competition. 

This started with the choice of digital print processes. Do we go with direct to textile pigment printing, with reactive dyes, with dye sublimation? 

In the end, we chose to go for two print processes allowing us to offer a wide range of natural and man-made fibres, by installing both a wide format direct to textile pigment printer and a dye sublimation printer. 

The result of this is that we can print onto  an array of fabrics, including the obvious choices such as plain cotton calico, hopsack, bull denim, the ever popular half panama, and also specialist fabrics including the trendy “super soft vegan suede”, performance polyester fabrics, gaming table fabric, and faux silk.

We also realised that as a company that has been involved in the print industry since the early 70s, that we can make the most of the strong relationships we have with various kinds of companies involved in the industry. 

For example, we have a relationship with a specialist FR coatings company, who have the required expertise and equipment when it comes to making fabrics flame retardant. This allows us to offer a service to our customers of applying an FR coating if required, to any of our printed fabrics, which is not something you’ll find is standard among digital textile printers.

What this means is we can provide digitally printed FR coated fabrics, starting from just a couple of metres, up to several hundred metres. 

Another example is fabric softening. Some customers come to us with a requirement for digitally printed fabric with a softer touch or a better drape than would usually be possible with the particular fabric. While many digital print firms wouldn’t be able to do much about this – thanks to our relationships with other specialist firms in the print trade, we can offer to add a post-printing fabric softener to the digitally printed fabric.

Again, we can do this from just a couple of metres and upwards, although as always, the more you’re ordering, the lower the price will be. 

Whatever you need, we’re happy to adjust our print process to give you exactly what you require from your printed fabric. 

For instance, for some of our customers, we add a legend and washing instructions to the selvedges of the digitally printed fabric. Sometimes we’ll include the design name too, if requested, and perhaps a “top” arrow to designate the design direction, so this is something that we will also create for you and print down the selvedge at no extra cost. 

Our long experience within the print trade enables us to help our customers in a number of ways. For example, we have certain customers who are particularly secretive about their designs and wouldn’t like other designers to know how their designs have been printed, either digitally or conventionally using Rotary or flat screen methods.

In circumstances such as these, we can help by printing registration marks and colour spots down the selvedge of the fabric making the digitally printed fabric appear as it has been printed by traditional printing methods. Obviously registration marks and colour spots are not needed on digitally printed fabric as there are no potential registration issues because the fabric is printed from one image.

The knowledge and the ability to do such things, come from the fact that we have come from the traditional screen printing industry, and that we have a great deal of experience within the textile printing trade.

We also offer colour matching and can match to corporate colours, logos and specific Pantone colours. Before printing the bulk order we would always send out a printed sample for approval, to ensure you’re happy with colour matching. 

We are more than happy to print on rolls of fabric supplied by yourselves or can supply and print the fabric, the choice is yours.

We always prefer to digitally print from a fully colour separated file, but if you only have an image we can usually work from this also, our talented team of artists have been working on textile designs here at Meshtex since 1972, so whatever your needs we can definitely help.

For pricing and further information, please simply email us, or give us a call  on 01625 876949.