Print on Fabric – UK Digital Fabric Printing Services.

Here at Meshtex Printing Services, we print on fabric, either supplied to our customers on the roll, or made into a wide range of high quality homeware products  for our customers. 

We print on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton fabrics, linens, linen union and linen blends and many polyester fabrics.  We have an ever growing range of fabrics, due to the fact that we’re continually testing new fabrics. For example, we recently tested a new  “vegan suede” fabric, along with faux silk polyester georgette and satin, and the results are fantastic.

Many of our customers are looking for Digital fabric printing done here in the UK, as they believe that UK printed products are higher quality, not just in terms of better printing but also better quality fabrics.

All of our quality fabric can be offered in two ways “prepared for print” or enhanced for pigment printing”. Depending on the end use the customer can decide if it’s worth spending more on the enhanced vibrancy and colour fastness that comes with fabric that has been treated for pigment printing.

Our customers also realise that our custom made products are of a higher manufacturing quality when made here in the UK.

In fact, the whole “made in the UK” term generally means that customers would be prepared to pay a slight premium for their products as they are deemed to be better quality. Obviously, we try to be as competitive as possible when pricing and we are sure you will find our prices among the best for the type of quality product on offer.

When we say we print on fabric, we don’t just mean that we print on fabric which is then sent to our CMT department to be made up into tea towels, cushions, oven gloves, aga covers, aprons and many more household products.

We also print fabric on the roll, which is then sent to the customer and has many end uses. Our digitally printed fabric on the roll is used for curtains, upholstery, tablecloths, clothing and many more products.

When we are asked to digitally print fabric, we can obviously supply and print the fabric, but quite often the customer will supply their own fabric by the roll. This is not a problem, we then just offer a “print only” price and the more metres required the lower the price per metre.

When we print on fabric supplied by the customer, we may have to alter the settings and profiles on the digital fabric printing machine but this is not a problem. We just ask that the customer supplies a few extra metres of their fabric so that we can run some test prints before printing the bulk fabric.

We offer competitive lead times, competitive trade pricing, low minimum order quantity, and a very friendly and professional service. 

If you’d like a price list, and to find out more about working with us, please simply email us, use the quotation form, or give us a call on 01625 876949.