Tea Towel Printing Fabrics – The Various Choices and Price Differences

We offer digital fabric printing services onto a range of different fabrics, and we can product tea towels from a wide range of different fabrics (just email us for a price list) but this article is about the most popular tea towel printing fabrics that we work with, and the differences between them.

The Difference Between Coated and Non-Coated Fabrics

Most of our tea towel printing fabrics are available coated or non-coated, which means with or without a special pre-treatment for pigment printing.

This coating provides an enhancement in the vibrancy of print, while also adding a long-term improvement in colour fastness.

The main benefit of pre-treatment is in the vibrancy of the print. Images which need to be printed as vibrant as possible, work better on pre-treated fabrics, as the treatment helps the colours to “pop”.

If your design isn’t particularly vibrant, or if a slight improvement in the vividness of the print is not important to you, then using an uncoated fabric may be the best option for your product.

Our Most Popular Tea Towel Printing Fabrics. 

The most popular fabrics we use for tea towels, is plain cotton, cotton drill, half Panama, and half Panama organic.

Plain Cotton

This is quite a lightweight  156gsm “calico” type fabric. It’s the lowest priced tea towel fabric that we offer, and it’s perfect if you prefer your tea towels to be made of a more lightweight fabric.

If cost is the number one priority, then the lowest priced digitally printed tea towels you’re going to be able to produce with our tea towel printing service, is from using non-coated plain cotton. 

All of our tea towels are digitally printed and made up here in the UK, so they’re all very high-quality products, even our lowest priced plain cotton un-coated tea towels are a very high-quality product when compared to a lot of other digitally printed tea towels on the market. 

If you’d like full pricing, just email us and we’ll reply with a full price list.

Cotton Drill

This is a medium/heavy weight fabric at 255gsm, with a classic drill diagonal weave, and is another very popular fabric for tea towels. When it comes to uncoated fabric, we believe the cotton drill is the fabric which performs the best in terms of print vibrancy from an uncoated fabric.

Half Panama

Half Panama is our premium tea towel fabric and is a medium/heavy weight 230gsm  fabric with a very high-quality look and feel. This is a very popular fabric also for digitally printed cushion covers, aprons, oven gloves and various other homeware products.

Half Panama Organic

If you’re looking for a natural coloured tea towel fabric, rather than an optic or non-optic white, the half Panama organic is a great choice. Being 309gsm, it’s a heavyweight weight fabric, and it is a very high-quality product in look and feel.

These are our most popular tea towel printing fabrics, but as we mentioned earlier, we have a wide choice of fabrics. 

We can print onto various other cottons and linens, including hopsack, bull denim, Windermere, twill, warp satin, sateen, poplin, bamboo – and various other cottons, linen unions and cotton linen blends.

For the full list of fabrics along with prices, just give us a call on 01625 876949, or email us.