Digital Fabric Printing UK – Trade Only.

Digital fabric printing services UK.

Meshtex Printing Services offer very high quality, trade fabric printing services, direct to textile with low minimum orders, quick leadtimes and low trade only pricing. 

Many UK fabric printing websites are geared up for retail, rather than trade, offering retail customers the ability to have their own custom fabric printed from designs that they can simply upload and then have printed and delivered a few days later.

This isn’t quite what our service is, so if you’re a retail customer looking for one or two metres of digitally printed fabric for a project, one of the many other digital fabric printing websites will be able to supply you with what you need. 

If however, you’re a trade customer requiring anywhere from 5 metres upwards, of custom digitally printed fabric, and if you’re looking for a competent and reliable supplier who can help you right from the design and colour separation through to the finished printed fabric, or even to the finished, made up product, then give us a call on 01625 876618, or submit a quote request form, and let’s see how we can help. 

Digital Fabric Printing Has Evolved

Traditionally, Meshtex have worked within rotary screen printing and we still do – rotary is still the best printing process for many bulk textile printing requirements.

Digital textile printing began initially as a novelty to a certain degree, and then as a valuable tool for sampling purposes, but due to the evolution of digital fabric printing technology over the past couple of decades, digital is now a serious trade fabric printing process in its own right, and has been for several years now. 

Rotary printing can run at incredible speeds, of up to 20 metres per second, and digital printing onto fabric may not be quite that fast, but at an average of around 80 metres per hour, it’s fast enough for the majority of textile printing requirements and can be the best option in many cases. 

With that being said, if we feel your project is better suited to rotary screen printing, we will let you know – as we can offer this too. 

There are several benefits of printing fabric digitally as opposed to the more traditional screen printing, which includes superior colour matching, unlimited colours, a lack of setup costs, numerous designs within the same print run (for example, a 5 metre print could consist of 5 or more different digital designs), and environmental factors (digital printing uses roughly half the ink compared to screen).

Artwork and Colour Separation Services

One of our USPs is our in-house colour separation studio. We have been delivering colour separation and artwork services to the fabric printing and wallpaper printing industry for decades.

The fact that we still have a darkroom tells you how long we’ve been doing this for, although the darkroom is now used as our mug production studio, and has plenty of lighting. OK maybe we don’t have a darkroom now, come to think of it, but we have a room which once was the darkroom…

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Our artists used to work with traditional methods, including brushes and film, completing colour separations by hand. These days we use specialist cad systems, but the kind of experience and skill that we have in our studio is extremely rare, and enables us to offer superior artwork and separation services, which ultimately results in a better print.

Just one example of the benefit of our experience in this area is our ability to alter separations to ensure perfect rotary screen printing to account for colour spread when digital printing has been used for sampling purposes, prior to bulk printing via rotary.

In this situation, we would usually lower the tonal curve and reduce any solid areas and fine areas in the design, to allow for the colour spread during engraving and rotary printing. This is an advanced method of design alteration which differs from the standard solutions of working to devalue the original digital print by increasing the graph and expanding the solid colours by adding pixels.

This isn’t the only way our expertise and knowledge in this area may be able to help to improve print results for our customers, of course, there are many more.

Digital Fabric Printing for All Requirements

We can supply bespoke digitally printed fabric for furnishings, upholstery, fashion, linings, curtain making, crafts, quilts, tea towels, tote bags, shopping bags, pillowcases, napkins, flags and banners, sports apparel, scarves, seat paddings, tablecloths, costume and cosplay and more. 

Making up of Finished Products

Digital Trade Fabric Printing and CMT Services.In addition to colour separation and artwork services and digital fabric printing services, we can supply you with the finished product, including CMT services (Cut Make Trim).

If you were thinking that you would need to find a design studio to help you with your separations, and then look for a digital fabric printing service and finally find a CMT firm to make up your products for you – fear not, we’ll look after everything for you, from start to finish. 

We can produce cushions, pillowcases, seat covers, napkins, tea towels, oven gloves, aprons, tote bags, shopping bags, makeup bags, tablecloths, and more. Even if it isn’t something we have done before, if you ask, we can probably make it.

We manufacture other finished products too, as well as fabrics, including ceramic mugs, travel mugs, wooden coasters, table mats and placemats, and other metal products, glass products and fibre reinforced plastic products. 

Wide Range of Fabrics

We can offer you a wide range of fabric choices, including several different 100% cotton fabrics, linen blends and linen union, polyester fabrics including stunning quality faux materials such as super soft vegan suede, and tablecloth fabrics with oil cloth applied after digitally printing. 

Fancy a Brew? 

Fancy a brew, while we discuss our digital fabric printing?If you’re local enough to our factory and studio, in Poynton, Cheshire (roughly 9 miles from Manchester Airport, 12 miles from Manchester City Centre, 6 miles from Stockport, 7 miles from Macclesfield) why not give us a call on 01625 876618, and arrange to pop in for a cuppa? 

We’re a friendly bunch, and we won’t try to sell you anything, but we’re passionate about providing very high quality digital fabric printing and product making services. So we’ll be very happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and service – and we’re told we make a fairly decent brew, too!